General Information

General information
Acquire new knowledge whilst thinking over the old, and you may become a
teacher of others.
The Cyclic Commission of Humanitarian and Socio-economic Training was
established at Ivano-Frankivsk College of SHEI "Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian
National University" in 2014 in accordance with the Regulations on the educational
process organization at higher educational institutions and aiming to promote more
effective and focused training of future junior specialists.
The main purpose of modern education is to help the young in their life self-
determination, self-fulfillment and life creation in accordance with national values
​​and in the context of the idea of the Ukrainian state integration into the European
The Cyclic Commission of Humanitarian and Socio-economic Training
prepares and graduates students of all college specialties.
Teaching work of the Cyclic Commission aims to improve the educational
process, to increase the level of its scientific and methodical support, to give practical
assistance to teachers and students, provides the conduct of scientific research on
higher education problems and the implementation of its results into the educational
process organization of the college.
The Cyclic Commission teachers use interactive forms and innovative teaching
methods in the educational process, study and analyze their impact on the training
quality, conduct the coordination of interdisciplinary connections, pay attention to the
organization of mutual visits and analysis of conducted lessons. Much attention is
paid to the providing of training quality of junior specialists.
The Commission teachers not only provide teaching of disciplines of
humanitarian and socio-economic training cycle, but also educate patriotism, form
national consciousness of the citizen of Ukraine in the process of studying. Teachers
pay particular attention to independent historical and local historical search work of
each student in the process of national and patriotic education. They organize
excursions to famous places of historical interest of our country.
The Cyclic Commission teachers are active participants in regional methodical
associations, seminars on the introduction of new forms and methods of training,
exhibitions, competitions, scientific and practical conferences.