2016-2017 academic year

Work report of the Humanitarian and Socio-Economic Cycle Commission for the 2016-2017 Academic Year

During the 2016-2017 academic year, the following work was carried out by the teachers of the cycle commission for humanitarian and socio-economic training:

In order to properly prepare for the training sessions and to pass the accreditation of the specialties “Primary education”, “Pre-school education” and “Design”, work on the formation of educational and methodological complexes in the disciplines of the cycle was continued.
Packages of complex control works were developed in accordance with the provisions of the NMS and methodological recommendations for the development of complex control works in academic disciplines.
The task force teachers have prepared tasks for conducting sections of knowledge and directorial control work.
In the reporting period, the teachers of the cycle commission were introduced to the novelties of scientific and methodological literature and the corresponding professional periodicals.
During the academic year, the students of the college were supervised in a timely manner to complete the tasks of independent work.
Teachers of the Central Committee worked on the creation of teaching aids and methodological recommendations for conducting classes, test collections, workshops and basic notes of lectures on subjects prepared for printing.
The teachers conducted scientific research, the results of which were published in scientific international and professional editions of Ukraine.
The teachers of the cycle commission conducted career guidance among school graduates.
The teachers of the Cycle Commission held thematic educational activities to mark Europe Day.
The report of the chairman of the cycle commission for humanitarian and socio-economic training on the work performed during the academic year 2015-2016 was heard at the meeting of the cycle committee and the results of the discussion were approved by protocol № 11 of June 7, 2017.