About the Cyclic Commission

Teachers of the Cyclic Commission of Humanitarian and Socio-economic
Training work systematically to improve the professional level and pedagogical
skills, to study and disseminate best practices of educational work, carry out the
development and implementation of measures to improve the quality of education,
prepare recommendations for the effective use of training equipment, visual manuals
and technical facilities during training sessions; carry out the development and
implementation of measures for scientific organization of the educational process.
Teaching problem of the Cyclic Commission of Humanitarian and Socio-
economic Training:
the role of information and communications technology (ICT) in the formation
of professional and business competence of a junior specialist.
Key areas of work of the Cyclic Commission are:
– combination of traditional teaching methods and the use of innovative
teaching methods,
– introduction of new scientific achievements, computers and computer
– provision of the appropriateness of the methodical support complex to state
standards of education;
– improvement of organizational teaching forms;
– modernization of the content of subjects;
– renewal and replenishment of the complex of methodical support of subjects;
– integrated approach to teaching work organization;
– effective implementation of interdisciplinary connections;
– theoretical level and teachers’ business qualification improvement;
– methodical assistance to young teachers;
Work content of the Cyclic Commission of Humanitarian and Socio-
economic Training:
– provision of the implementation of lesson plans and teaching programmes;
– review and discussion of work plans of the Cyclic Commission, teaching
programmes in disciplines, work plans of classrooms, subject workshops of the
Cyclic Commission teachers;
– development, discussion and approval of the teaching support complex of
cycle disciplines;
– timely amendments to teaching programmes in disciplines;
– development and implementation of integrated measures directed at the
provision of qualified training of professionals and clear educational process
organization into the process of education;
– development and implementation of new teaching methods into disciplines of
the Cyclic Commission, conduct of lectures, practical and laboratory lessons,
seminars, writing of course projects and monitoring of the quality of their fulfillment;
– development and implementation of measures for the improvement of
students' practical training, study, generalization and dissemination of teachers’ work
experience, assistance to young teachers in mastering of teaching skills;

– carrying out of guidelines on the use of information and communication,
didactic and other modern technologies in the educational process;
– review and discussion of textbooks, teaching programmes in disciplines,
teaching materials, articles prepared by the Commission teachers;
– preparation, review and discussion of materials for tests, term exams, credits
and other documents for monitoring of students’ knowledge;
– monitoring and analysis of knowledge and skills, compliance with the criteria
for their evaluation;
– management of scientific and research work of students;
– organization of independent and individual work of students;
– organization and conduct of weeks of the Cyclic Commission, scientific and
practical conferences, contests, exhibitions of creative works of students etc.;
– organization of individual work with gifted students;
– conduct of career guidance at secondary schools of the town, region and
– employment promotion of graduates and contacts with them;
– organization of teachers’ qualification improvement at educational
institutions of III – IV accreditation levels, scientific research institutes;
– conduct of educational work in priority areas of patriotic, aesthetic,
ecological, moral, labour education, education of physical culture and healthy
– evaluation of teacher’s work by the results of qualitative approach to
teaching, methodical and organizational work during the academic year.