Tesla and the second course


“There is nothing that can be more attractive to a person and deserves to be the subject of study than nature. Understand its majestic mechanism, discover its creative powers and learn the laws that govern it – the greatest purpose of the human mind. Frankivsk College of Specialty “Elementary Education”, which on November 26 visited the Science Town “NEW ENERGY” together with the teacher of physics and astronomy Boychuk Vladimir Mikhailovna. During the exciting excursion, students were able not only to see scientific inventions, but also to make practical use of the exhibits for educational purposes: printing a self-designed model on a 3D printer, extracting and converting energy through competitions on a velgenerator, exploring its various types through games that predetermine many easier to understand the laws of physics and properties of energy bodies. No less interesting part of the tour was the unique performance – “Tesla Energy Show” (High Voltage Show). Students were shown the mysterious and mystical inventions of Nikola Tesla, who turned the world – Tesla transformer, plasma ball, electronic machine, van de Graf generator, Jacob’s ladder. Visitors interacted with all the specimens, discovering new frontiers of knowledge, concluding that there is nothing more mysterious and grandeur than knowing new. So it is worth expanding your outlook, plunging into the mysterious world of science.