Poplavskyy O. P.

 specialist of the highest category, Candidate of Physics-
of Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor
of the Department of Security
of life, teacher of disciplines “Physics”,
“Life Safety”


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Poplavskyy Omelyan Pavlovich – Associate Professor of the Department of Life Safety.
Born on January 21, 1951. After graduation in 1968, he enrolled in the Faculty of Physics at Lviv University, graduating in 1973. From 1973 to 1975 he served in the army as commander of the anti-aircraft battery. From 1975 to August 1990 he worked as a researcher and lecturer at the Faculty of Physics at Lviv University.
In 1989 he defended his Ph.D. thesis “Structure, secondary emission properties and electrical conductivity of magnesium oxide films”. Developed thin film deposition technologies, which are protected by 4 copyright certificates. For the first time at the Faculty of Physics, he conducted a study of the elemental composition of the surface by Auger-electron spectroscopy. Electron microscopy and mass spectroscopy investigated radiation resistance and radiolysis of ionic compounds. Studies of the secondary emission properties and conductivity of the obtained films have made it possible to produce memory elements for cathode ray tubes. The research results are implemented in production.
Since September 1990 he has been an associate professor at the Carpathian University. V. Stefanyk continues to do scientific work. He has been working at the Department of Life Safety since the Department was founded.
According to the results of scientific work, 60 articles were published. Associate Professor Poplavsky OP is the author of 7 textbooks. The manuals “Fundamentals of vector and tensor analysis”, “Structure, elemental composition and dissociation of materials”, “Fundamentals of occupational safety” are used by both students and scientists. Poplavsky OP is a member of the organizing committees of international conferences on the physics and technology of thin films and nanostructures.

phone: 0342-596023

e-mail: omelian.poplavskyi@pu.if.ua
Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University