2018-2019 academic year

Report on the work of the Humanitarian and Cycle Commission
socio-economic preparation for 2018-2019

During the 2018-2019 academic year teachers of the cycle committee
humanitarian and socio-economic training were as follows
1. For the purpose of proper preparation for training and passing
accreditation of the specialties “Law”, “Tourism”, “Preschool Education” and
“Design” continued work on the formation of educational and methodological
complexes of cycle disciplines, formed and submitted to the library
University of Reading Curriculum.
2. Packages of complex control works have been developed according to the regulation on
NMS and guidelines for the development of integrated controls
works on subjects.
3. Tutors for the Cycle Commission prepared the task for slicing
knowledge and directorial control work.
4. During the reporting period, teachers of the cycle committee were introduced to the novelties
scientific and methodological literature and relevant professional periodicals.
5. Timeliness was monitored during the school year
performing the tasks of independent work by college students.
6. The teachers of the Central Committee worked on the creation of educational and methodical
manuals and guidelines for the training, prepared
to print test collections, workshops and reference notes from
7. Teachers conducted scientific research, the results of which were presented
to print in scientific international and professional editions of Ukraine.
8. The teachers of the cycle commission conducted career guidance among
school graduates.
9. The thematic events were conducted by the teachers of the Cycle Commission
Educational and educational nature for the celebration of Europe Day in the framework
methodical week of the Humanities and Socio-Economic Cycle Commission
training from 13.05.2019 to 17.05.2019
On May 13, an Economic Brain Ring was held between the second year students
majoring in Applied Mathematics. Initiator and active
The event was organized by a student of the PM-22 group Melnyk Ivan.

As part of the methodological week of the Humanitarian Cycle Commission
and socio-economic training on May 14, 2019
Economic Tournament. Students of all were actively preparing for the tournament
specialties of the college, a team of participants was formed: “Air Force ++”
(PM-21), “Gods of Law” (PR-12), “Success Corporation” (PO-21),
Bitcoins (K-23).
The initiators and active organizers of the event were the students of the group
PM-22 majoring in Applied Mathematics. An intellectual game
took place in five stages: Team Submission, Homework,
“Financial Crossword”, “Currency of Ukraine”, “Creative Economist”.
During the tournament, all participants presented their teams, took active
participation in the discussion of discussion issues, showed the original acting
abilities and talents.
As part of the methodological week of the Humanitarian Cycle Commission
and socio-economic training on May 15 for students of the K-23 group
specialty “Preschool education” by teacher OM It was Gargant-Ukrainchuk
held an open lesson in the discipline “Fundamentals of Law” on the topic:
“State symbols of Ukraine”.
Traditionally, for the fourth consecutive year, students have participated in
sports and dance engine for Europe Day. The event was held on May 15
physical education teachers within the cycle commission week
humanitarian and socio-economic training.
How to navigate the modern information space? That’s it
May 14 was considered by students of the first year of specialties
“Applied Mathematics” and “Design” at a training seminar on the basics of media
literacy, which took place within the framework of a methodological cycle week
commissions for humanitarian and socio-economic training. Via
Nadurka Natalia Mykolaivna students-students considered the following questions:
What is an information field? What are the types of media?
How to distinguish information from propaganda?
What are the criteria for media objectivity?
What is manipulation and fake? How to deal with them?
What is the information war manifested in: the example of Ukraine?

In solving the tasks, students analyzed where they came from
draw on information and how they check its objectivity, whether they can detect it

propaganda and manipulation? A new useful skill was the skill
check the fakes. The task for improving the knowledge gained was the game
Media Literacy Mission
On May 15, students at the Ivano-Frankivsk city lake had the opportunity
to learn a new sport that is just gaining in popularity at
Ukraine – Stand Up Paddle. Participants
of the event, namely students of I, II courses of specialties “Applied Mathematics”
and Preschool Education have learned not only to stand on the SUP board of different
shapes and designs, but also to actively move on the water.
As part of the methodological week of the Humanitarian Cycle Commission
and socio-economic training on May 17 for PO-12 students
specialty “Elementary education” by teacher N.V. The goy was conducted
financial game training. The trainers were students of the PO-12 Shevchuk group
Anna and Lower Eugene. The financial game training was very intense
tasks and cognitive information. There were coaches at the training session
various interesting economic situations, including students, are modeled
considered how much a product and service might cost,
discussed the importance of financial literacy and played various economic
games: Heart of Desires, Product or Service. Students spoke actively
own thoughts and share your wishes.
An English-language quest “Ukraine is Europe!” Was held. West
organized by English teacher – Sukovaty DI and students
of PM-22 group for students of 3 courses of Law and Applied Departments
mathematics”. Students had the opportunity to show their knowledge, activity and
agility. Under the guidance of the teachers Sukovatai DI and Ternovskaya II
a thematic dance show was held.
The week of the cycle commission of the humanitarian and social-
economic preparation round table on the topic “Formation of social
competence of students by means of electronic educational resources ».
Report of the chairman of the cycle commission for humanitarian and socio-economic
training Goy NV about work done during the 2018-2019 academic year
was heard at the meeting of the cycle committee and the results of the discussion
approved by protocol № 11 of June 20, 2019.

Head of the cycle commission:                                                                                      Hoi  N. V.